AlmaxCore - New 4mm thk Aluminum Core panel

AlmaxCore Non-Combustible Roof & Ceiling Panel HDB

AlmaxCore is a excellent alternative to Aluminum Honeycomb panel & has slightly better fire properties than honeycomb too due to the bonding process.

AlmaxCore panel is a lightweight (3.8kg/m2), strong and rigid panel excellent for roofing & ceiling application (no sagging).

Maximum width of panels is 1200mm x length required. Thickness of panels is 4 or 6mm thickness.

Achieved EN13501-1 Fire Test Standard (PSB COC)

These non-combustible panels have been used in many HDB projects for Linkway roof applications

HDB Queenstown RC25A  (AlmaxCore)
HDB Sengkang N4 C30 (AlmaxCore)
HDB CCK N1C15 (honeycomb & 4mm AlmaxCore)
HDB Tampines N6 C8 to C10 (AlmaxCore)