Construction Panels (all PSB tested)

Architectural Panels Singapore Composite Construction CLK Systems Pte Ltd

Almaxco ® Aluminium Composite Panels has been widely used in Singapore since 2004. It is most commonly used for the Construction & building Industry. With its light weight, superior flatness and exceptional strength, Almaxco is an ideal solution for roof coverings in Linkways, carparks, canopies and Pavilions. It is also used for building facades and lift cladding for the Lift shaft up-grading programmes. There are however many other applications across a wide range of industries in which our panels can be used as well.

Almaxco ® PE & FR core Panels are laminated between two skins of 0.50/0.50mm thickness Aluminium and can be supplied in 1000, 3000 & 5000 Alloy. We can also supply other aluminum skin thickness such as 0.30/0.30 and 0.20/0.20 which is mostly used for the digital printing and other signage applications.

The Panels are roller coated with 70% Fluorocarbon Knyar 500/Hylar 5000 PVDF resins which are procured from world renowned paint suppliers such as Beckers ®, PPG ® & Valspar ®. The rear sides of all Almaxco ® Panels come with a Mill Finish, Polyester Premier coating or a Full Polyester Coating. (Optional)

Almaxco ® ACP is produced under a feed block roll injection system, in which front and rear side aluminum coils are extruded together with an anti-toxic low-density polyethylene or FR core along with Dupont ® adhesive Polymer resins. Almaxco ® ACP is manufactured with a high superiority in flatness and excellent adhesive strength.

Almaxco ® PE core Panels are made from High Quality LDPE resins, while the FR panels are made from High Quality Virgin Resins mixed with Fire retardant chemicals such as Aluminium Tri-Hydroxide and other minerals.

Almaxco ® ACP Panels conform to the highest industry standards for Smoke/Flame Propagation and Fire Resistance.

The surface comes with a self adhesive peel off protective film and under average outdoor conditions; the protective film should last approximately six months without losing is peel-off characteristics or cause stains.

(Minimum order quantity is 350m2 for standard items)