Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

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Aluminum Honeycomb panels usually range from 10-50mm thickness. The aluminum core is essentially shaped with the geometry of a bees' honeycomb. This allows the minimization of the amount of material used to reach minimal weight & material cost while exhibiting the maximum strength possible for that design. It is then 'sandwiched' (laminated) between 2 aluminum skins on either side. (Min. order quantity is 500m2)










Aluminum honeycomb panels are commonly referred to as 'sandwich panels' and have been widely used in Singapore for applications such as Linkway roof coverings, Bus-stop shelters, column covering and interior wall claddings.

Most common thickness utilised are generally 10mm and 22mm thick panels. These panels are non-combustible (BS 476 Part 4) and meet all the various fire restrictions in Singapore.

Aluminum honeycomb specifications, brochure & test reports will be given out upon request.