Almaxco 'Green' Panels (Nano)

Almaxco Nano Coated Composite Panel is an intelligent, graffiti resistant & green Panel. These NANO panels include a non toxic, VOC EMISSION FREE (PSB Tested) coating system which makes the surface self-cleaning and repellent to air-borne pollutants. Standard Fluorocarbon & PVDF paint emit CFC's when in contact with UV rays. Almaxco NANO coating prevents  any penetration of UV rays and other pollutants through the paint surface, giving a much longer gloss and color retention.

Hydrophobic molecules contained within the paint surface provide permanent protection against staining and contamination from dirt, industrial pollutants, paint and atmospheric pollution such as bacteria and carbon monoxide.

This is NOT a surface treatment or film applied after production. Quite simply, it is a performance modification included within an unprecedented four (4) coat paint system.

The molecular structure within the paint process is not temporary but a permanent effect and will last a lifetime. That is why Almaxco NANO panels have a 20 year warranty.


  • Almaxco NANO coating system has no polluting affect whatsoever on the air quality and protects both human health and the environment.
  • Cleaning time (if required) is reduced by 80-90%
  • No need for chemical cleaning or detergents - just water.
  • By cleaning with no chemicals or detergents, the VOC emissions remain ZERO. GREEN efficient!
  • Due to low surface energy, and self-cleaning attributes, surface water will bead and roll off taking any surface contaminants with it. 

Utilising the best possible product with new technology also has additional benefits of adding significant value for the client and project. The Almaxco NANO panel will:

  • Lower running costs on maintenance - Self Cleaning!
  • Lower cleaning costs. No chemicals, and no toxic or VOC emissions.
  • Lower maintenance means faster lease-up rates for potential tenants.
  • Increased rental premiums.
  • Increased market valuation.
  • Increased re-sale value.
  • Increased Green Rating.