Our Products

Architectural Panels

We have Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP ranging from 2-6mm thick) and Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panels (AHC ranging from 10 or 22mm thick) all generally used for roofing or Building cladding interior or exteriors, partitions, self-standing kiosk coverings, etc,.

e3 Surfaces

Polyvision Writing e3 surfaces (Whiteboard ceramicsteel / porcelain enamelsteel) has all along been specified & used in Singapore for more than 20+ years due to its superior quality and reliability i.e. resistance to chemicals, scratches, bacteria, fire, graffiti & stains.


Lightweight, strong & Rigid Aluminum composite panel.
Excellent for Roof & Cladding application


Xilo's smart construction allows the lightweight whiteboards to glide up and down with the touch of a finger, while all moving parts and counterweights remain concealed within its columns. The ergonomic grip doubles as a pen/chalk tray. Used in all 4 universities around Singapore.